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Altering a Skirt

This Slow Fashion Season I have had the plan to alter a few pieces of clothing.

So far I have altered two skirts to put pockets in them and to make one slightly larger.

I unpicked this wool skirt I found in a thrift store.
I found some hand dyed woollen blanket pieces for the sides of my skirt.
I made a pattern piece for the sides of the skirt and pockets. Cut 2 of these pieces per side of skirt. The straight side of the pattern piece is where the pocket goes.
With inside out, I sewed down the sides of the skirt while going around the pockets.
I’m so happy with my skirt. It’s keeping me so very warm this winter.

Let me know if you have altered a skirt or dress before to add ease and pockets.

You can see a reel video of this skirt on my Instagram page.

Amy x

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