Little Wombat

wombat 04These cute Little Wombats are the first little creatures I made from scratch. It was my first knitting pattern I wrote and I’m so happy that I did. Not only do my kids get endless hours of entertainment from these cute guys, but many people have purchased my pattern and gifted these wombats to other children to enjoy.

You can purchase the knitting pattern on my Ravelry page or Etsy page and start creating them yourself!

I have Little Wombat Knitting Kits available too, if you’d like the pattern along with all the materials to make them. This kit includes some of my brown alpaca fleece to stuff them with!

Or if you aren’t a knitter, I sell these guys ready made and waiting to be played with! However, it is an easy pattern and if you know basic knitting skills you should be able to knit one up in no time.

See my stockist page for links to my shops.

wombat 02wombats for Hong Kong order

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