Chicken Handkerchief

A new Chicken handkerchief is now available in my Etsy store and it’s a big favourite of mine.
I love our chickens on our farm. They are always happy to see us with food scraps and seed in our hands and are great company when weeding the garden; pecking at worms and insects beside us.

One night I was clearing a patch in the garden with chickens beside me. I turned to walk back through some matted grass as one of our hens pecked the ground. She bounced up into the air as a snake began to slowly move away from us! Luckily I’d chosen a cold evening and that Daisy had disturbed the snake before I stepped on the snake and perhaps gotten bitten. Daisy is forever known as the hen who saved me.

I love the colours in this Chook hankie. I hope you enjoy them too.


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