Handkerchiefs in our Household

How many handkerchiefs are enough for one household?
I get asked this a lot and my quick answer is ‘the more, the better’.
We are a family of five and when a cold hits, it tends to hit us all, so we need lots of handkerchiefs on hand.

Our handkerchief range is varied. Not all of them are made by me and look flash.
When you only use cloth to wipe your nose you need to have a lot of cloth at hand, at all times.

Vintage handkerchiefs from my childhood.

My very first hankies were these cute vintage ones that are still going strong. It shows you how long these reusable tissues last; as long as they are a thicker fabric.

Hand-me-down hankies.

These handkerchiefs are hand-me-downs and have never been very thick. Some of them are beginning to tear and will need replacing soon.

Organic White Handkerchiefs

These larger organic cotton handkerchiefs are used by my husband at work. They are plain for the office and are only used by him.

My Nana’s Handkerchiefs and small Napkins as Handkerchiefs.

My dear Nana used to crochet around handkerchiefs and give them to us for our birthdays. The two on the left are from her. One of them was given to me on my wedding day.
The rest of the ‘handkerchiefs’ in this photo were actually small napkins that we got from grandparents when they moved out of their home. We already had a bunch of cloth napkins that don’t get used very often, so decided to add these to our hankie collection instead.

Hankies as gifts.

Hankies are great as gifts. These are just a few of the handkerchiefs given to my kids and myself from friends and family.

Handmade by my mother-in-law.
Amy Jade Creations hankies – made by me, of course!

Lastly, there are of course a good amount of handmade hankies in our collection. In the top photo are some of the hankies my mother-in-law has made my kids. The bottom photo has a collection of my hankies. Each time I get new fabrics in for AJC my kids and I choose the ones we want to have one or two of for ourselves.

Hankie draw.

To keep all of these handkerchiefs, we have a hankie draw!
The draw has three piles: a hand-me-down pile, a handmade/vintage pile and my husbands white work hankie pile.

How many hankies do you have? How do you sort and keep your hankies?

Happy nose blowing!

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