When the Cold Hits

My family has just been through a cold virus, with some of us sick for only two days and then others for a week or more.
During this time we went through lots of handkerchiefs as they were used like tissues; using them in a few blows and then washing them only to be used again. Then washing them, then using them, etc.

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I found myself slipping a few more AJC hankies out of my studio and into our household mix, as there always seems to be a need for more when sickness strikes. The perks of running a hankie business!
However, after the sickness has gone and all the hankies are clean again, they can’t quite fit as well in our hankie drawer as they did before. Ah well!

Cats, sewing, knitting and plants! Some of my favourite things!

The washing of hankies during sickness always reminds me of when my children were in cloth nappies and there was a load to put on each day.
There is a never ending supply of fabric tissues to blow our noses with, but only if we wash the dirty ones.
It keeps my mind at rest though, thinking that we are reusing something over and over again, instead of relying on the cutting down of trees.
Cutting trees to blow our noses isn’t sustainable, especially when a handkerchief can last for so many many years and tissues are used just once and tossed away.

I hope you are well, wherever you are, and that you aren’t having to use every single hankie you own because of a cold.


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