Washing Handkerchiefs

I’ve used hankies for as long as I can remember, so I have no issues with them. Especially after going through the using and washing of cloth nappies with all three of my kids. Nothing freaks me out about washing fabrics that we use over and over again, but I know it can be a hard swap for some.
So, I thought I’d show you our hankie cleaning routine in the hope of helping some of the fence sitters.

First thing I do when washing our hankies is to unfold any of them so that they clean well. Then I put them through a rinse cycle. I find it especially important to do this when we’ve got members of our family with a cold.
I put a dash of Eucalyptus Oil in the rinse section of our washing machine before putting the rinse cycle on. This helps to get rid of bacteria in the hankies.

Eucalyptus Oil helps disinfect the hankies and gives them a nice smell.

I use Bosisto’s Eucalyptus Oil, which I purchase in bulk and decant into this smaller bottle. The bulk 4 litre jug lasts more than 5 years and I’ve been putting it into this smaller bottle for over 10 years.
I usually add a little dash of Eucalyptus Oil into most of our loads of washing. You could also use Clove Oil which will also help break down bacteria.

After the rinse cycle I add any other clothing I’m going to wash with the hankies (sticking with lights and darks, of course). I’m not fussed about putting clothing in with hankies after they’ve been through their rinse and I’ve never had any problems. However, you may choose to wash items like towels or laundry rags instead of your clothing.

I add another dash of Eucalyptus Oil in with the Normal Cycle and choose to wash at 30-40 degrees. You may choose to wash at a higher temperature, however, I’ve had no issues with washing on a Cold cycle either, if you wish to keep your power consumption down.

Do you have a different method for washing your handkerchiefs?
Let me know how you go.

Happy washing!
Amy x

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