Slow Fashion Season

Slow Fashion Season – Adjusting Clothing To Fit

Back in March I purchased this ethically made dress from a market stall. The dress is by Surya and didn’t quite fit my short body. However, I knew I could easily adjust it at home so I purchased it any way.

It has taken me some time to get around to adjusting it. The brain is a funny thing! It didn’t take long at all, so I’m not sure what was preventing me from quickly adjusting it. Maybe you have the same problem sometimes? It feels overwhelming, but really it’s a quick job and then you have a piece of clothing to wear!

I adjusted the dress by cutting parts of the straps and then sewing them into place permanently. The dress has plenty of room to put on and take off as it is an overall design, so I didn’t need the function of the buttoning straps.
I used a pretty stitch on my sewing machine to make it different.

While I was adjusting the dress I was thinking of all the people purchasing sewing machines right now. I hope they get the making bug and find out how easy it is to adjust clothing. Maybe they will start repurposing thrifted clothing. Maybe they will make their own clothing to suit their own body shape and needs.

It’s another way towards slow fashion and away from fast fashion and I feel confident that even though these are hard times, there are lots of silver linings!

Stay safe friends!

Amy x

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