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Patchwork Scrap Dress – Slow Fashion

There is a story in everything we make.

The story in this dress is a strong one. It is a connection with my great grandmother and my grandmother.

When my father was a baby, my great-grandmother would help my grandmother unpick the garments that they had sewed and knitted. With the fabric and yarn they would make the next size. This was done out of necessity; they didn’t have the money to buy new fabric and yarn every time my father and his siblings would outgrow a garment. So they’d make do with what they had.

This re-using holds a big value for me. Making do, mending, living lightly; these are all important to me.

This dress is made from scraps from various sewers I have collected them from over the years. Some of the fabrics were cut out to make a project, some of them were just one tiny little scrap that they didn’t want to throw away.

I’ve held the woman in my heart while I’ve made this dress. I’ve thought about how lucky I am to have had and still have such beautiful, strong and kind woman in my life. I’ve put my heart and my soul into this dress and I will wear it proudly every time I put it on.

So, now to the details. I used the bodice and sleeves in the #hinterlanddress pattern by Sew Liberated. I made my own skirt for this dress pattern a while ago and have used it on many dresses since. It is an eight panelled skirt. With this dress I did a two-layer skirt. I finished the edges off with a quilted binding edge as to not loose any of the length of the dress.

Underside of the two-layered skirt of my patchwork dress.

I lined the quilted bodice of the dress so that none of the seams of all the tiny pieces of fabric joined together would be felt against my body.

I feel so pleased to have been able to include all these very special small pieces of fabric into something I will wear and cherish for my whole life.

Everything we make has some story and has such strong connection to us because of this. We put ourselves into what we make. Isn’t that just so special.

Amy x

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