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Everything Needs Pockets!

Another Thrifted Skirt Altering

I put pockets in another thrifted skirt I picked up last year as part of my Slow Fashion Season #fashiondetox

Unpicking the hem and sides of the skirt.
I left the waist band as the skirt is the correct size.
I cut out two triangle patterns for each side of the skirt and 4x pocket pieces.
I sewed the pieces to the sides of the skirt.
I let the skirt down. It left lines where the old hem used to be, so I sewed a patterned stitch over the lines.
Before the hem. I did a hem with the fabric from the sides and pockets.

See my video reel on my Instagram page.

I love my new skirt! It is now floaty and has pockets.

Everything needs pockets!

Amy x

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